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Guide on Duplex House Plans

A duplex is a structure where by two home units are sharing the same central wall. In other cases, the duplexes are constructed to share a vertical wall. Although the house is structured to accommodate two families, its size is that of a regular home.


During the composition phase, each housing unit has its driveway, garden, entry and all the other features that a house requires to be self-contained.


There are two major building plans that you can, make use of:


Two stories; this is also known as the full duplex structure. Under this, there is a structure that is two stories in height. The design has two entries on both the front and the back sides of the building. Inside the first floors will have the common rooms like the kitchenette, dining table, bathrooms and the living room? The second floor is the room for bath rooms and the sleeping areas.


Half duplex; just as the name suggests, this is a structure that has only the first floor. Just like the full duplex, there are double entrances; the front and the back side. There are some advanced architectures which will structure the building in a manner that the house will have entries from the side instead of the usual back entrances. Know about the duplex designs and prices here!


You can decide to purchase an already constructed house, or you can build yours. To take action on the best plan to go for, you need to be sure of what you require. Like if you are living alone or with just your partner, no need to go for a large house, the half-duplex is appropriate for you.  However, in case you living with your family you require a big spacious house, and as a result, the full duplex is the most appropriate. Know more about home building at


In case you decide to do the construction for your house, you need to contract an architect to design it. The best thing with building your house is that you will have it done to your specifications which suit you. You should do thorough research to ensure that the designer you are working with is an expert and has done some projects before on the same field.


You should have in mind the fact that duplexes are not suitable in all localities. In case you intending to construct a duplex house, you need to consult with the local authorities to find out if the area is suitable for such.


Duplexes houses is a worthy investment, and if you have the cash, there is no point as to why you should not go for them. To give your house a different outlook, then you should do with experienced and qualified duplex builders.